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Laboratory for Bits & Waves

The quantum information processing group at BBN Technologies focuses on exploiting quantum phenomena for sensing, computing and imaging.  Our work spans fundamental physics research up to prototype integrated systems.

Communicating Covertly Goes Quantum

Check out an exciting article featuring our own Boulat Bash - https://www.sciencenews.org/article/communicating-covertly-goes-quantum?tgt=nr.

Workshop on Scalable Information Processing with Quantum Nano-Photonics

 workshop website.

Job Openings

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Laboratory of Quantum Optics

Quantum Imaging

As part of our research efforts in quantum imaging, we have built an experimental testbed capable of measuring the baseline Photon Information Efficiency (PIE) of both coherent states and non-classical states. The testbed can encode arbitrary amplitude masks on light. This transverse imaging setup uses a Spatial Light Modulator and an Andor Luca Electron Multiplying Charge-coupled Device (EMCCD) camera.

PPKTP-based Source of Entangled Photons

We are building a PPKTP-based source of entangled photons. The time-energy entangled photon pairs are generated in the 1550-nm wavelength band.

Laboratory of Quantum Electronics

BBN's quantum information processing group has several platforms for low-temperature experiments, including two 3-4K cryo-coolers and three cryo-free dilution refrigerators achieving a base temperature of ~10 mK. At these temperatures we can study "artificial atoms", engineered electrical circuits that exhibit manifestly quantum behavior. These circuits enable small quantum processors and novel quantum optics experiments with microwave photons.

Superconducting qubit package